| 03 Dec 2022
RdioÆs new subscription model æRdio SelectÆ priced at Rs 60

MUMBAI: International music streaming service, Rdio, has introduced a new subscription service- ‘Rdio Select’ in India for Rs 60. The subscription model features ad-free streaming radio and the ability to select up to 25 new songs a day on demand. Subscribers can keep 25 songs at a time for as long as they want, and replace them with up to 25 new songs every day.

Currently, Rdio is offering a 60-day free trial. The service is providing an unlimited skip option on ad-free streaming radio along with high quality audio at 320 kpbs. Through Rdio Select, the streaming service will push music inspired by specific artists, albums or songs as well as stations, carefully curated personally by artists, labels and Rdio’s programming team. The service is also providing its listeners with a station based on the specific listening history called ‘You FM’.

The service is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa and will be soon extended to other countries.

The service will update multiple 10-song playlists that will be genre and mood-focused so that Select listeners can easily update their 25 downloads with new tracks.

Annually, subscribers will have to pay around Rs 720. Other subscription offering includes ‘Rdio Unlimited’ which is priced at Rs 120/ month for unlimited songs on demand and ad-free streaming radio with unlimited skips; and ‘Rdio Unlimited Family’, ranging from Rs 180/month for two Rdio unlimited accounts to Rs 360/month for five Rdio unlimited accounts.

Rdio Select is operational on iOS and Android phones, as well as a range of other connected devices such as Chromecast and Roku.