| 07 Feb 2023
LiveXLive picks Verizon Digital Media Services to deliver its live music streaming network

MUMBAI: Verizon Digital Media Services now powers Loton Corp.'s new subsidiary LiveXLive, the world's first premium, dedicated live music-streaming network.

With its end-to-end video workflow, Verizon Digital Media Services enables the video experience from ingest through delivery and distribution of LiveXLive's streaming of the world's leading music festivals, concerts and performances in full high-definition and with social media integration.

"We've been watching Verizon Digital Media Services expand its network while adding to and enhancing its suite of services, and we're completely blown away by the turnkey, scalable offering of their video platform," LiveXLive , President, John Petrocelli. "The ease of use combined with the deep technical suite of services, scalability and affordability made it an easy decision to select Verizon Digital Media Services. Our goals and focus on the next generation of viewers could not be more mutually aligned." LiveXLive selected Verizon Digital Media Services because of its rich suite of services, scale of its network, ability to delivery simple, automated workflows and its turn-key business offerings.

"Verizon Digital Media Services allows LiveXLive to give music fans everywhere an immersive experience to see their favorite festivals, concerts and backstage experiences on any screen, any platform and any device in HD," said Verizon Digital Media Services, Chief Revenue Officer, Ralf Jacob. "Music lovers everywhere are ready for premium online live music, and Verizon Digital Media Services brings together all the essential elements for an exceptional video streaming experience."

With Verizon Digital Media Services' next-generation video platform, LiveXLive will broadcast three day-long music festivals across multiple stages this fall, reaching across multiple devices including mobile, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and connected TVs. This broadcast will include live and on-demand virtual reality experiences.

Verizon enables LiveXLive to create clips from live events and publish to social platforms and syndicated outlets through a single workflow that increases viewer awareness and discoverability of events. Verizon's session-based approach and dynamic server-side ad insertion allows LiveXLive to scale and monetize their business through a single partner.

"These capabilities will enable LiveXLive to quickly grow its content portfolio and customer reach," added Petrocelli.