| 31 May 2023
Horus Music India bring new educational seminar ‘Music Distribution Simplified' to Hyderabad

MUMBAI: Horus Music India bring new educational seminar ‘Music Distribution Simplified’ to Hyderabad Horus Music India have cemented themselves as one of the top supporters of independent artists in the music industry and are now taking things one step further, bringing their new educational seminar ‘Music Distribution Simplified’ to Hyderabad this March.

The secret to realizing the maximum potential of your music career is efficient music distribution.

It involves being aware of how the music business is evolving and utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques to interact with your audience and create a successful business around your art, and states Chandrika Shah, Head of India, Horus Music India.

With artists across the globe now having immediate access to distribution services, the rise of

independent artists releasing music on major platforms such as Spotify has now reached an all-time high. Although it may seem as easy as clicking a button to see your music live on digital stores, Horus Music India are breaking down the myths surrounding music distribution and are setting out to educate artists not only on the best practices in distributing music, but how to get heard above the ever-growing noise.

Taking place in Hyderabad, the seminar will focus on understanding the fundamentals of music distribution, alongside providing helpful tips on how to market your music from playlisting to PR. The attendees will get the chance to hear directly from Chandrika Shah, Head of India, Horus Music India on how independent artists and/or labels should approach releasing their music to create the most impact, with respect to distribution and marketing.

She adds, “Attending a music distribution seminar is a chance to advance your musical profession as well as learn about the most recent trends and best business practices in the industry. You can reach new audiences, boost your revenue, and create a long-lasting and satisfying career doing what you enjoy with the right information and resources."

Having previously partnered with the likes of Lost Stories, Gate Crash and RRE Studios for similar workshops, Horus Music India are delighted to return with their new ‘Simplified’ series

and continue their mission of educating Indian artists on how to navigate the music industry.

Registration for the free event is currently open, with limited spaces make sure to secure your slot now.