| 30 May 2023
Chingari gained an overwhelming response from its users on its Navratri campaign; clocked in 1B+ views

MUMBAI: As the auspicious festival of Navratri approaches, Chingari powered by GARI- the world's fastest growing on-chain social app- has cranked up its Navratri and Dussehra celebrations. Chingari's ongoing contest Kahi Bhi, Kabhi Bhi #EHaloGarba had increased the excitement for its creators to generate and upload short format videos on the app by tenfold. The video views on the campaign exceeded 1 billion mark. This year, the app encouraged its creators to take on exciting challenges and win incredible rewards in addition to GARI Tokens.

Participants in the Garba campaign could take on various challenges and create videos on some crazy off-beat and entertaining concepts centered on Garba and Dandiya. This year's main challenge for Chingari creators was Kahi Bhi, Kabhi Bhi #EHaloGarba, which meant getting dressed in perfect Garba night outfits with their friends and performing a round of Garba in unusual/ unexpected places such as a Gym, Mall, Supermarket, Office space, Garden, and so on. The entries received were incredibly funny and creative.

The second challenge for creators was Dandiya Swap, in which they had to play and make Dandiya videos using anything other than Dandiyas. Chingari's third challenge was a treat for the lifestyle and fashion creators, as they had to shoot videos of themselves shopping for the perfect Garba outfit for under INR 2000. The fourth challenge was especially rewarding for the foodies, as they had to film themselves visiting 10 pandals and savoring 'Mata ka Bhog' at each one.

Aside from these intriguing challenges, team Chingari had further curated activities such as Garba & Dandiya sessions with their influencers, who provided Chingari users with tips on LIVE sessions. Chingari is also associated with top ornate pandals of Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata for their Navratri and Durga Puja celebrations. Going LIVE from these pandals, Chingari creators provided their users with wondrous festival experiences as well as some fun content of people doing their Garba dance with all of their energy and enthusiasm.

Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari expressed, “The enthusiasm that we have seen thus far has been extravagant. At Chingari, we believe in providing enriching experiences in order to strengthen the Chingari community. This philosophy is also reflected in our '#EHaloGarba' campaign. There is something mesmerizing about this festive season, where we celebrate the many colors of Navratri and Durgotsava (Durga Puja), worshiping her for triumph over evil, and these 9 days bring people together, embedding a sense of togetherness and community, just as we do at Chingari.

Joining the Navratri & Durga Puja celebrations, Chingari’s gifting partner (India’s largest multi-category gifting company) has curated a special hamper for the winners, motivating them to send in multiple entries.

Over 50K+ video submissions as of 3rd Oct showed the enthusiasm of the community. Chingari also celebrated its Women in Tech campaign by featuring its women employees who have been meticulously working on developing the app and its newest features.

Overall, the festivities have undoubtedly returned to its full glory, and team Chingari takes this opportunity to wish all of its users a very Happy & Prosperous Dussehra.