| 23 Jul 2024
Rizzle introduces a groundbreaking new feature ‘Filmi on Camera’

MUMBAI: Rizzle, a leading creator-first short-video app, has launched a game-changing feature called 'Filmi on Camera.' This exciting and intuitive new feature provides creators with real-time rendering of visual effects on camera synchronized to the music track. All users have to do is select a Filmi template from the many innovative templates available at Rizzle and watch the real-time effects come to life.

Speaking on the launch of the new feature, Amit Bhandari, Director of Engineering, Rizzle, said, “As a creator-centric platform, our goal is to continuously innovate and leverage technology in order to provide our users with top-of-the-line creation experiences. The 'Filmi on Camera' feature is the result of extensive research and understanding of the needs of the creator community. While we have made significant strides in improving the visual effects since the release of our Filmi template, we wanted to improve creation experiences even further by enabling real-time rendering of Filmi effects on camera.”

The ‘Filmi on Camera’ feature is currently available for the Android version of the app. Rizzle’s creator community is excited about the new feature, providing them with unique opportunities to develop fresh and original content.

“Rizzle is one of the most innovative short-video platforms in the world. Our unmatched Rizzle camera experience is our USP. It makes Rizzle stand out in the market and allows it to build a unique identity, especially amongst the creator community. Our features such as Filmi, Rimix and Titan are proof of this. With each new feature, Rizzle strives to raise the bar a notch higher. Filmi on Camera, our latest feature, is just another step in that direction,” added Sridevi Gottipati, Principal Program Manager, Rizzle.

Founded in 2019, Rizzle has built a thriving community of creators and provides them industry-first camera experiences that it is known for.