| 19 Jul 2024
NTIA responds to Prime Ministers announcement on relaxing Plan B restrictions

MUMBAI: Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says:

“We welcome the removal of the restrictions for the night time economy and hospitality sector”

“Following an extremely difficult two years for the night time economy and hospitality sector, which has been, in every sense, at the sharpest end of the pandemic throughout, we are finally able to plan for the future with some level of certainty and without debilitating restrictions.”

“With the devastating losses over the festive period, and the effects of limited cash flow being felt across the sector, our industry has been placed in an extremely fragile state, and without question will need further financial relief and support to survive.”

“Experts believe it will take several years for the hospitality and night time economy sectors to recover, but it is important that the Government don’t simply assume the sector will be fine because restrictions have been eased. More support will be needed.”