| 20 Jul 2024
TuneCore Rewards expand internationally

MUMBAI: TuneCore, the world’s leading independent digital music distributor has expanded its groundbreaking TuneCore Rewards program to include six additional languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, and has also launched to users of the localized website in India. TuneCore is owned by Paris-based Believe and together they distribute a significant percentage of the world’s digital music.

TuneCore Rewards is a first of its kind, multi-level educational loyalty program where artists can unlock discounts and other rewards through career education. It is a free program for TuneCore artists and part of the company’s ongoing efforts to be more than just a distribution company, by providing more value for independent artists who choose TuneCore as their distributor. The program was launched at the end of March on TuneCore’s main US site and met with widespread success. In just one month, over 50,000 TuneCore artists have used the rewards website.

Stated Andreea Gleeson, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Head of TuneCore, “TuneCore Rewards was designed in order to equip independent artists with advice and instruction on best practices for marketing and promoting their music. We’re had great usage and feedback from the clients who have used it and are looking forward to including even more TuneCore artists as we roll out the program internationally.”

Commented Faryal Khan-Thompson, VP of International, TuneCore, “International expansion continues to be a top priority for our organization, and that means thinking globally from the start with everything we do. We want to make sure that our artists have access to all TuneCore has to offer and a delightful experience no matter where in the world they are based. I’m extremely proud of our team on the first localized launch of our ground-breaking awards program, and I look forward to continuing to follow through on our commitments to our international artists.”

Said Nick Krus, Senior Director of Client Marketing, TuneCore, “We spoke directly to our artists when creating this program and got their input throughout the entire process. And it shows — since launch, we have received overwhelming positive customer satisfaction rates and glowing feedback of how immensely helpful this program has been. We are artist-first at TuneCore and I could not be more thrilled to help our TuneCore community grow their careers as independent artists.”

Up next for TuneCore rewards is the second round of Master Classes with input from TuneCore store partners, as well as further education surrounding music publishing, an area of the music business many artists continue to seek clarity on. As the program is continually built out, additional classes, across more languages, will be forthcoming.