| 15 Jun 2024
NTIA ask Why Hugs Not Clubs

MUMBAI: NTIA responds to lifting of restrictions enabling indoor service in hospitality & the opening of socially distanced performance spaces.

Commenting on the lifting of restrictions Michael Kill CEO NTIA said:

“It seems bizarre and illogical to us that people can start hugging in household environments which at the peak of infection accounted for large proportions of Covid transmission, but people are still not allowed to move about, let alone, dance, in hospitality and late night venues which the science has consistently shown have a lower level of transmission”.

“While we welcome the progression of the roadmap to recovery, we must clarify that the vast majority of hospitality environments and performance spaces operating with social distancing constraints are not viable. Keeping social distancing measures in place will put many businesses at risk, further elongating the sectors recovery process”

“Nightclubs & late night economy businesses are still in a critical position, with no changes to restrictions or guidance until post 21st June.”

“The announcement of hugs being allowed within environments has led to the question around why “Hugs No Clubs”. This looks and feels like the Government pushing nightclubs to the back of the queue once again”.

“The results from the Circus Pilots in Liverpool will be announced in the coming weeks, alongside tests in Spain, France and Netherlands will go some way to building Government confidence in the sector, ensuring we are able to open without restrictions on the 21st June”

“With the successful rollout of the vaccination programme, we need a commitment from the Government that all restrictions will be lifted and businesses will be able to fully reopen in line with the roadmap.”