| 07 Oct 2022
Brands & Entertainment will strive to keep audiences engaged and updated with new challenges: Tarsame Mittal founder, TM ventures

MUMBAI: Truly Musical announce Brands & Entertainment to provide a common ground, for the first time in India, where entertainment stakeholders, content creators, and brands can connect, discuss their visions and discover promising opportunities.

Truly Musical, the IP Division of TM Ventures presents Brands & Entertainment – a platform to connect, discuss and discover. It is the first consolidated B2B event in India that focuses on connecting brands with all segments of the entertainment industry. It also invests in creating novel and significant concepts around music and entertainment including the All About Music Conference and the Bollywood Music Project Festival.

To know more about it, got in touch with Tarsame Mittal, Founder, TM Ventures.

Check interview below:

This is the first B2B event in India, what made you create such a platform?

We just see opportunities over the period of time, I genuinely feel that brands are integrating with entertainment with newer and innovative ways in the last years. This segment is definitely going to increase over time and it's extremely important for people to connect with each and understand each other’s perspective, which led us to curate this idea.

What kind of focus are you pursuing for the Virtual conference Brands and entertainment”?

Our focus is simple! If you view our content, it is divided into 6 parts, one is the keywords where we would be inviting some of the most prominent names in the brands and entertainment industry who would communicate about the industry, further we have fireside chats, with some of the important people wherein we will be understanding their perspective, their background, what they do, how is the industry shaping up; moreover we are celebrating path breaking campaigns for the last 3 - 4 years where the CMO's, agencies or the artist explains, why a particular campaign was created?, what were the problems that they overcame and what challenges were involved?  Lastly, brand stories; a lot of brands have complaints from agents in the entertainment industry, that they are unable to understand the brand, hence they discuss the DNA of the brand, we have panels discussing crucial topics in each category, Lastly, the networking lounge where people can seamlessly network with each other.

Is this long-term, and if so, how will you keep the process running, what kind of strategies are/will you follow to make it long-term?

It is definitely a long-term process as I said this is going to grow annually and every year there are going to be new challenges, for eg: Influencer marketing is a new subject which initiated a couple of years back but now it's one of the top aspects of marketing. similarly, YouTube and audio streaming was insignificant 10years back, we are uncertain about what's in store for us in the coming future, every upcoming year has new opportunities, new challenges, new ways of integration and I'm certain we will have amazing content, and innumerable stories to tell every year, and will always strive to keep our audiences engaged and updated.

Brand & Entertainment will be a 2-day event filled with keynote sessions, panel discussions, path-breaking case studies, fireside chats, inspiring brand stories, and a networking marketplace. The event will be held virtually on the 20th and 21st of May 2021.