| 15 Apr 2024
I don’t think music education is getting enough attention : Tanuja Gomes

MUMBAI: The CEO and a educationist of Furtados School of Music came together to address the education specialists for the ECA-APER 7th Annual International Conference. The duo, Ms. Tanuja Gomes and Chin2 Bhosle (grandson of Asha Bhosle) shared their insights on ‘Where should one lay more emphasis on-the Creative Arts or Academic Curriculum’.

Tanuja Gomes, CEO, Furtados school of music says "ECA has consistently been doing some very great development work in our education space. FSM is aligned to the vision of holistic learning for all. Music or any form of arts education plays a very important role in the life of a student and it helps the entire society with its virtues. Our partnership is to further spread the awareness of ‘Benefits of Music Education

ECA focusses on the foundational years. Lot of data is available which strongly suggests that music education helps the students, even more when started early age".

She also added "My perception of music is that “it is not good to have, its an important supplement for your child”. Its like eating healthy, its not a good to have, its an important habit to inculcate at an early age. The benefits of which stays with the individual for life time. I would strongly encourage leaders in education space to make music a part of every child even if it is available in the simplest form. If you refer the gurukul system which was 5000 BC, it focused on imparting holistic learning to students. It devoted equal time to activities related to arts education, sports and academics, this assist students to become a better human being. Music has been prevalent across age groups and across demographics".

Ms. Gomes further added "No I don’t think music education is getting enough attention. Today, there is so much available as “Activities” for students that both the parents and students are not able to focus. The part “FOMO” is playing an important role for the parent to choose the activity. Even in schools very often activities are offered based on what is the ongoing trend. However instead of that we must focus first on what is good for the student. What are those subjects which are non negotiable and have to be part of the curriculum for students. Music becomes the core in the development of the student, it helps in the left brain and right brain coordination, helps students concentrate and team work".