| 26 Sep 2021
Rizzle Dekho: Must-Watch Short Series On Rizzle

MUMBAI: Let's face it. We’re all slaves to entertainment. So much so that the weekend is now synonymous with binging television series. People spend a major proportion of their free time devouring content on various paid platforms. Some spend entire weeks and months trying to binge-watch their favorite shows. What if we told you that you could watch an entire series in under 15 mins! For free! On the go. On your mobile phone. And even earn some real money for watching those series! (We aren’t bluffing!)

The Rizzle Dekho initiative is one of its kind which pays viewers for watching the series on the platform! With a wide array of series to choose from, we bring you some of the series you can’t afford to miss out on Rizzle.

Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot

This series is a musical comedy that tackles all the relevant topics such as color casting, the many snags that 2020 hit us with, New York’s Covid-19 bounceback, and more. Jordan Walters’ series of 10 sixty-second episodes is an absolute baller and you cannot afford to miss their fun musical rendition that highlights the importance of black square Instagram posts


This suspense thriller is another must-watch Rizzle Series. In under 10 episodes only, it makes viewers go through a love-fest, roommate quarrels, a break-in, a demonic cult cutting out someone’s heart, bravery, and betrayal. The twist is surprising but not so shocking as the reasoning behind all the spooky and crazy in the series.

Abandon Ship

Produced by a 48 Hour Film alumnus, the series follows a time-loop where the captain of a tour boat is entrapped with murderous Canadian couples. Crazy shenanigans repeat themselves hilariously ensuing vicious bloodbaths leaving the bewildered captain to figure out how to fix the mess. An absolute baller!


If you’re looking for an animated escape, then MOGR&A fits the bill perfectly. The series features eccentric characters, Macho Oakley, Gay Ray, and Ashley discussing various topics from their high school days where they bullied each other, to psychic experiences to Walmart sleepovers to annoying mouth noises, and more. It’s ideal if you’re looking for something light yet deep to watch.

Kingdom in the Closet

If you get nostalgic about all the times we watched Narnia during the holidays, then this short series by Mighty Morphin Hermione Grangers is your go-to New Years' binge-fest. Only of course it’ll barely take over 10 mins of your time! The series follows a disgruntled Winn and his uneventful relationship with his partner. Until one fine day, he steps out of his closet into a hidden kingdom in the most Narnia-esque fashion and is crowned as their savior King Diaz, the Hilarious. Back and forth between a realm of dwarves, elves, and dire wolf puppies, Winn ages faster than normal causing his partner to worry and suspect his disappearances until she finds all about his escapades in the closet. She leaves him with two options: live happily with her or go back to the kingdom in the closet. Winn chooses the latter only to regret his decision to do so.
Under Her Dupatta

This exclusive series by Picture Dekho Productions throws light on the social taboos associated with being a girl in Indian society. When Preethi comes to attend college in Mumbai and stays over at her aunt’s place, she is met with judgment from her very traditional family and cousin, Rajlakshmi. From night-curfews to knowing how to make chai, to trading her comfy western outfits for salwar kameez, Preethi undergoes a whole makeover to become a domesticated girl. But is there a secret that sanskari Rajlakshmi has been keeping hidden under her dupatta? Watch as Preethi unravels the mystery behind her cousin’s suspiciously goody two shoes behavior.

Sharmaji Ka Ladka

Every middle-class Indian family is very much aware of this phrase. Sharma ji ka ladka is the idiomatic equivalent of Roger Federer in the world of tennis or Lewis Hamilton in the racing world. In short, it represents every Indian parents’ ideal child who serves as a benchmark for their kids. This hilarious series follows several such exchanges between a mother and her adolescent son. From test scores to blood groups to fever temperatures to bike preferences, the comparisons to Sharmaji Ka Ladka never seem to end. Having had enough, the son seeks to put an end to it all with a witty plan.

This is a kahaani ghar-ghar ki. Every Indian household has that saas-bahu dilemma. This is a short series that highlights the saas-bahu dynamic and the ensuing drama. Unlike those serials your mom is obsessed with, this Rizzle series is a hilarious representation of an aging mother-in-law and her modern daughter-in-law. This saas has been keeping up with the times and even uses modern lingo. Like all the saases you’ve come across on your mom’s favorite serials, this saas is also a scheming one. Only she’s been scheming to spend quality time with her daughter-in-law who always seems to have work on her mind.

Local Train

Mumbai is known for Bollywood, its nightlife, iconic monuments, and its local trains. The latter is almost synonymous with the city. This short Rizzle series shows the perils travelers go through and the various people one encounters while commuting using Mumbai’s local trains. From people drooling and falling asleep on you, to struggling to get an arm or head through the crowd to traveling ticketless to making small talk with random strangers, this series will make you nod in acknowledgment and laugh out loud as well.

Jungle Safari

This series highlights environmental issues in a comedic manner. A duo of friends reluctantly spends the day trekking in the woods. Amidst their bickering, they are suddenly ambushed by two strange men. They find themselves paying for all the environmental wrongs done by people to the forest by members of the Anti Litter Society. The series ends with a double-taking reveal.