| 25 Jul 2024
NTIA asks the Government - Who Do You Blame Now?

MUMBAI: While the Majority of The Night Time Economy & Hospitality businesses are closed. Who does the Government blame now for the sharp increase in transmissions in the last few weeks?

Following the announcement this evening by the Prime Minister on further restrictions being brought in across the country the Night Time Industry Association comments.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:

“The Industry have relentlessly told Government that the continued opening of schools and universities, alongside retail and other public facing sectors, with continued restrictions against the Night Time Economy and Hospitality industry over the festive period will result in an explosion of the transmission rates in January, leading to further, more stringent lockdown”

“Businesses within our sector are being shamelessly left to collapse, viable businesses and individuals have been abandoned by the Government.”

“While the majority of Night Time Economy and Hospitality sector have been closed, who does the Government blame now for the sharp increase in transmissions”

“Our Industry wants to support the Government in its public health strategy, to save lives and get businesses back open as soon as possible.”

“We will continue to offer the Government our support, our expertise and our spaces, for free to ensure that as many of the businesses and individuals within our sector survive this crisis”

“But to do this, these businesses and individuals need the Government to compensate them for the revenue they have lost over the time they have been closed, nothing less will suffice”