| 21 Jun 2024
Live & In Sync gives insight information about latest technology; which will help musicians perform online

MUMBAI: Live & In Sync consists of Purbayan Chatterjee, Darshan Doshi, Mahesh Raghavan and Aditya Srinivasan. Indian Classical, Fusion, Contemporary and even experimental is how one can describe the sound of Live & In Sync and all it is LIVE. It aims to bring a live concert experience right into your living room though the Fab Four are located Miles Apart from you and even each other.

They have come up with a new technology, to know more about the technology, we connected with Live & In Sync.

Check the interview below.

What inspired you to create such technology?

Ever since day one of lockdown, I (Aditya Srinivasan) have been finding a way to solve the problem of performing online with others. I called up Mahesh Raghavan and he too was excited about the idea. A week later we got in touch with Purbayan Chatterjee and Darshan Doshi and they were extremely patient to go through the whole testing and rehearsal process. A week after that, we had our first live public test of being Live and In Sync.

Information on technology?

We have come up with a way to perform with other musicians on-line. Usually in such cases, there is a lag and being in sync is a challenge. But we have somehow come up with a way to work around latency and play in sync with each other, that's how we came up with the band name. As of now we're still figuring out how to make the technology better, and each performance is a learning experience for us.

How do you think this technology will help the music industry?

Since it enables people to perform with each other from multiple locations, we could technically have different musicians from different parts of the globe playing together and distance won't be a barrier anymore.

Future projects in terms of music?

We are currently performing every Saturday featuring a different artist each time on our Facebook pages as part of our Live and In Sync series.