| 22 Jul 2024
Spotify took down Islamophobic song aimed at Zayn Malik

MUMBAI: Music streaming platform Spotify has removed an Islamophobic song aimed at Pakistani-British singer Zayn Malik after his fans campaigned for its removal.

The song, which the former One Direction star is the subject of, was recorded by parody artists Una Kompton in 2017.

The track, called “Zayn Did 9/11,” appears to imply that the 27-year-old star was involved in the bombing of the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, which saw nearly 3000 people die.

Fans of the artist, who is expecting his first child with part-Palestinian model Gigi Hadid, quickly flocked to social media to launch the viral hashtag #RemoveItForZayn in an attempt to demand Spotify to take down the hateful song.

“#removeitforzayn this is disgusting and Zayn does not deserve this. Report the song “zayn did 9/11” and email spotify requesting removal,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“His faith affiliation, skin color, or race does not equal terrorism. If you let a minority of any racial/religious group dictate your view of the majority of said group, then you need to re-evaluate your worldview. #removeitforzayn,” another tweeted.

By Sunday evening, the streaming platform removed the song from Kompton's artist profile.

The song, however, is still available on Apple Music and YouTube.