| 29 Jun 2022
Singapore Music Festival Music matters live and rock superstars simple plan shine the spotlight on artists from Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region

MUMBAI: Branded Ltd and the Singapore Tourism Board are launching a new season of the Music Matters Live from Home series featuring leading Singaporean artists; RRILEY, Sezairi, iNCH, Aisyah Aziz, Narelle and more, all performing (from home) with other artists from the region and beyond. Music Matters Live From Home is produced by the team at Branded Ltd, who produce the annual All That Matters conference, incorporating the Music Matters conference and festival in Singapore. With the support of the Singapore Tourism Board, as well as the vision and support of superstar rock band Simple Plan, Music Matters is now expanding and shining a spotlight on artists in the Asia Pacific region, where the band has toured over many years. In the first episode, Simple Plan will collaborate on their smash hit "Summer Paradise" with artists from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. Simple Plan will also interact and chit chat with fans watching online. Simple Plan will also be donating their artist fee back to the artists taking part in the collaboration. In subsequent episodes, a new Singaporean artist will perform from home with an international act who participated in the first episode. Please refer to the Annex for the schedule.

Galvanised by COVID-19 quarantines around the world, Music Matters Live from Home is an online space for artists to connect, share music and interact with each other and their fans. With the first season already broadcast, artists have shared tips on staying creative whilst encouraging the next wave of emerging artists to just keep going. These episodes are available to watch on-demand on the Music Matters Live Instagram page and Facebook page. The new season focuses on artists from Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Hailing from Canada, Simple Plan said, "South-East Asia has always been a very special place for us and we have loved touring there since the first time we got to visit the region back in 2002. We have incredible memories of amazing shows and hanging out with our fans who have welcomed us with open arms and embraced the band since day one.

That's why when Music Matters approached us to be a part of a project to help young South-East Asian artists at this very challenging time in their musical career, we jumped at the opportunity. We have been very lucky in our career that a lot of bands we looked up to helped us along the way and we're honored and humbled to be in a position where we can return the favor and bring some attention to these incredibly talented up-and-coming artists.

The project will also help these musicians financially in this difficult time where they can't perform live and do what they love the most and this also has been a key reason why we wanted to get involved.

We can't wait to see the shows and hear this new take on our song". Appearing in the first episode, Singaporean artist RRILEY said "It's definitely an interesting time for musicians but you have to make the best out of it, which is why I'm excited to be part of Music Matters Live From Home! The opportunity to connect with other musicians is something you can't really put a price on." Branded Ltd Founder and CEO Jasper Donat said "For 15 years Music Matters has brought artists together from all over the world to perform live on stage and attend our conferences and academies in Singapore. By taking it online, Music Matters Live From Home allows us to create some amazing international musical collaborations which may never have been possible before. We are thrilled to be able to provide this platform to the artists and are extremely grateful to the incredibly simple plan for their generosity and for turning a small concept into a very big idea. We also want to thank YouTube Music and Facebook Music for bringing it to life and of course our friends at the Singapore Tourism Board for making it all possible." "It is heartening to see industry stakeholders such as Branded adapt quickly during these challenging times and launch Music Matters Live From Home to engage audiences in an innovative way. We encourage more stakeholders to brainstorm creative ways to reach their audiences," said Singapore Tourism Board Assistant Chief Executive (Marketing Group) Lynette Pang. "We are also proud to showcase our home-grown music talents to a larger audience, and to keep Singapore top-of-mind for music fans around the world through Music Matters Live". The final videos will be hosted on Music Matters Live social platforms, and amplified by the Singapore Tourism Board cross-promoting these artists globally.