| 04 Oct 2023
TikTok video shows the new way of partying during pandemic

MUMBAI: While the whole world is battling the spread of COVID-19, many flouters have been reported from various parts of the globe. While some have organized parties during the lockdown, others have gone to a club and not followed self-isolation norms.

Various celebrities, including Madonna and some K-Pop stars, have seen themselves amidst controversies. Now, a corona party has surfaced online that happened in Slovakia with a professional DJ, a YouTuber and a technical team on board.

Anton Katrencik posted the clip on his TikTok account, which shows some people dancing in their respective squares as DJ blasts music. The video has been going viral on the internet with over 7.5 million views.

An extended version of the video has been posted on his YouTube page. Here the location under a bridge becomes clearer as a banner saying, ‘Homeless party’ comes to the view. The title of the video translates to ‘Party under the bridge with Milan Lieskovsky in Oravska Lesna’. Oravska Lesna is a village and municipality in northern Slovakia. On the other hand, Lieskovsky is a popular musical artist and DJ.

While health officials of several countries have warned about conducting coronavirus parties, quarantine restrictions were loosened in Slovakia from May 6.

The country had seen one of the most successful cases of dealing with the virus. The Slovak government had imposed a national lockdown on March 16, days before the first case was even reported.