| 23 Jul 2024
Streamin' Music Group (SMG) is now launched in India

MUMBAI: Amid coronavirus and lockdown stress, there is good news for the music lovers. Streamin' Music Group (SMG), a record label founded by Keshav Bhardwaj (Klipr) has been officially launched in India today with New Delhi as their base of operations and global audience as their market.

On this occasion, Klipr has released 6-track Extended Play (EP), which goes deeper into the sound of tech-house. The EP will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play etc.

Launched in 2018, SMG initially setup their base in Rotterdam, Netherlands, as the label's Manager was from that city.

'Massive Music' by Klipr was the label's opening track, which received tremendous response from the audience.'Massive Music' crossed one million views on YouTube in just a couple of months. In mid-2019, the label initiated their operations in India in order to give Indian artists the chance to showcase their music to the world simultaneously working with various artists globally.

"The idea to start a record label was conceived when I was travelling across Europe. During this time I met and worked with a few artists, which gave me an insight into the vibe and complexities of the Music Industry," said Keshav.

"Electronic Dance Music is popular in almost every country - USA, UK, Australia, India, Indonesia and Europe to name a few," added Keshav.

SMG is currently releasing music by Klipr, a solo project by Keshav Bhardwaj, and BlareMob a combined project by Keshav Bhardwaj and Himanshu Chhabra. The duo has been making original hits since 2017. Himanshu is interested in the commercial side of the electronic dance music genres, whereas Keshav tends to favour the more intense and dynamic styles.

Klipr realized his passion for music during his early years of college. While attending university in London and finishing his education in business, Klipr travelled to some of the most notable music scenes in the world, including Miami, Ibiza, and Barcelona.

He spent the last few years learning everything about music production and the music industry. His hard work and dedication paid off giving his music a noticeably intimate sound. He used this knowledge of the industry to create SMG, his own record label.

As for BlareMob, after years of working together, their keen creative sense allows them to merge their individual influences and styles, resulting in a sound that is unique, exciting, and bold. While Klipr delves more into underground music, BlareMob has been producing commercial tracks lately. These tracks are perfect examples of the duo's ability to experiment and blend different sounds together.

While the songs are heavily driven by dance beats, they also feature technical synth breakdowns that are reminiscent of a true EDM banger. The result is a unique track that will appeal to both casual pop listeners and fans of heavier electronic music. A few of SMG's tracks are Klipr's Running Back, Leave Me, Connected, I'm So Good and BlareMob's Diamond, Hold Me and Stabbed. These tracks are available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, JioSaavn, etc.

In India too, SMG intends to begin their stint by releasing music produced by Klipr and BlareMob.

SMG also has plans to give a platform to the Indian artists to showcase their music to the world. "SMG is all about versatility. We believe in giving creative freedom to our artists - whatever they want to express through their music. We don't want to confine our artists to a specific genre," says Keshav.

Both Klipr and BlareMob have also been toying with the idea of performing at music festivals in India and abroad. So, one can soon look forward to such events too.