| 14 Jul 2024
YouTube Music spotted new mix player and can now tracking similar tunes

MUMBAI: YouTube Music already has a few Spotify-like dynamic "Mix" playlists, but more might be coming in the future. A new (but, sadly, non-functional) "Focus Mix" playlist has been spotted in the wild, plus a "related" tab loaded with similar artists and other music nestled inside the new pull-out section now-playing interface.

Spotted over on Reddit, at least four new Mix playlists have been seen in the wild: Focus Mix, Chill Mix, Workout Mix, and Energy Mix. Each seems to appear in the related Mood section under Explore -> All Playlists, though none were present for us. If they work as other "Mix" playlists from YouTube Music do, these new playlists will likely offer dynamic content based on user habits and preferences. That's just an assumption, though, as the user that saw them reported an error when attempting to play them back.

Each of the new Mix playlists has thumbnails that match the artwork style for YouTube Music's other mix-type playlists, like the Discover Mix.

The new "related" tab looks like it appears in the pull-out menu YouTube Music recently picked up, next to "lyrics." Note: I don't speak Danish (at least, I think that's Danish), but Google has been happy to oblige with translations from the example you see above. The tab includes a horizontally scrolling list of "similar artists," plus a second horizontally scrolling "more from" list of other music from the same artist you're currently listening to. According to 9to5Google, further down is an "about the artist" section with additional biographical information.

We aren't sure how widely the new "related" tab has rolled out. 9to5Google claims it is part of a server-side rollout on one of the several recent v3.65 versions. Though it isn't live for us, and the majority of the comments over on Reddit seem to indicate it isn't available for most people just yet, you can try your luck with the latest version over at APK Mirror.