| 03 Dec 2022
Beatchain's New Mobile App Opens Window on World of Music Data and Promo

MUMBAI: Independent artists are driving music industry growth. They need every tool they can to understand what’s happening with their music--who’s streaming where, what’s up with their social following--yet often those tools are buried in a dozen dashboards. Beatchain, the simple, innovative marketing and distribution platform, links these scattered resources into one powerful hub for artists and their teams.

Now they are bringing these distilled insights to mobile, launching a new app for iOS and Android as an on-the-go companion to the full Beatchain’s web app. Artists can see a snapshot of their social and streaming performance (including TikTok and other key platforms), distribute singles to key platforms, get royalty payouts, and upload photos and other content to their Beatchain Media Library for use in ad and other promo campaigns.

“It’s a window into what’s going on in real time in an artists’ world. The user interface is simple by design,” explains Luke Mendoza, CMO at Beatchain. “Along with some basic financial and distribution features, we’ve created a nice way to see your stats and data on the move and to save video and photos straight into your media library.”

Making things simple but effective for artists has been the guiding vision for Beatchain since it began. Founder and CEO Ben Mendoza became a big fan of Steve Jones, a funk and soul sax player, composer, band leader, and producer, who had transitioned from traditional record deals to forging his own brand online. Jones was great at creating engaging content, but found he was having to dedicate so much time to managing his marketing projects and social media relationships, it left little time to make music.

Ben had spent decades running a software company providing big data solutions to global enterprises, and he knew there had to be a better way for smart, talented musicians like Jones to automate the repetitive tasks they faced. Drawing on his experience in optimizing tech to solve just this kind of problem in other areas, Ben gathered a team of data scientists, developers, and behavioral economists, all passionate about music, to streamline the fragmented, often cumbersome information and interfaces into one strong platform.

This became Beatchain, an interlocking set of easy-to-use tools that let musicians build their career effectively. From a single app, artists can distribute tracks directly (which unlocks more detailed data), monitor the response to their actions, and see just where their music is catching on. Using the same assets, an artist can post to socials, create a simple landing page, and send out a single link to multiple music services. All from the same site.

“One of the things that intrigued me as I spoke to Steve and other musicians, was how we could use sophisticated tech to optimize the way musicians spend their energy and money on promotion,” explains Ben. “Most musicians may not have the desire or inclination to dig deeply into self-serve ad platforms, for example. We have devoted ourselves to building wizards that let us walk a musician or manager through the process, as well as tech that runs and tests ads and analyzes engagement to reach their goals at their budget.”

Beatchain mobile doesn’t try to pack all this functionality into a smartphone, but gives music professionals a simple way to keep on top of key info and do the basics on the move. “Beatchain provides artists with all the tools they need to manage their careers. We know, however, that not everything needs to be on your phone,” Luke reflects. “Instead, we wanted users to have a handy companion to the web app that can do what most artists and managers need to do while in motion. We’re excited to bring our clear, artist-focused insights to our users in new ways.”