| 23 Sep 2021
Apple Music business is rising during this pandemic

MUMBAI: During this COVID-19 pandemic, consumers aren't rushing to buy as many iPhones, iPads, or other Apple products as before, but it seems that the company's services are doing fine.

According to Mashable, Apple disclosed during an earnings call that its services category, which includes the App Store and Apple TV+, hit an all-time revenue record of 13.3 billion USD for the second quarter.

Apple saw strong performance within the App Store (for both downloads and search ads), Apple Music, video, and cloud services. App Store revenue also grew by double digits, as people continue to make in-app purchases and opt into subscriptions.

Also, new services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and Apple Card continue to attract new users, ultimately helping contribute to the overall growth of the category. Apple's third-party subscription business increased 30 per cent year over year, as well.

Amid the current social distancing practices, it was inevitable iOS users would turn to things like Apple TV+ or the App Store to help pass the time. Services like FaceTime and Messages also set new records for daily volume during the quarter.