| 19 Jan 2022
Amazon Music Unlimited gives free music for 3 months

MUMBAI: Amazon Music Unlimited brings you great deal, it is now free for 3 months in an extremely limited time offer. Available for new users and only for another two weeks, this Music Unlimited deal will give you 3 months of free music and save you $24 overall.

With access to over 50 million songs, you'll never have to listen to the same tune twice or be interrupted by annoying adverts along the way. We say it's worth a go because there's nothing worse than being interrupted mid-flow when you're discovering something new and exciting.

Music Unlimited isn't only ad-free, it features curated playlists and has access to offline functionality - super useful if you want to save on data. It also carries a much bigger library of tunes than even Prime Music and allows you to stream directly onto your home Alexa devices. Even if you're already a Prime member and weighing up whether you need the added bonuses or not, we'd still go for it - it's completely free and you can always cancel your trial at no extra cost.

Membership to Amazon Music Unlimited normally costs $7.99 / £9.99 a month, so you're getting a near $30 saving overall here. It's worth noting that Amazon will try and carry your subscription over once the 90-day trial period is over, so make sure you cancel it promptly if you just want the free goodies. You can even cancel it right away and still enjoy the remaining 90-days at no extra cost.

Not looking for some tunes? Maybe you've already got Amazon Music Unlimited or prefer your books and shows to that Elton John playlist you've been working on. Don't worry, we've still got something for you as Amazon is also offering some awesome free trials on their other streaming services.