| 12 Apr 2024
Android auto Music Player receives an updated version

MUMBAI: People who doesn’t prefer Spotify, Deezer, and music streaming app probably settles with a media player like local library.

Anyone can understand them as the overall costs make little sense if what they want is just listen to their own music. When it comes to playing music from the local library, jetAudio is considered one of the best apps, and above all, it also comes with Android Auto and CarPlay support. So, every time it receives an update, there’s a chance it further refines the experience behind the wheel.

Most recently, jetAudio has been updated to version 10.2.0 on Android, and just like all the other releases, this new one comes with several welcome improvements. The new version includes more visualizations, but these are mostly useful on Android, and not necessarily on Android Auto.

At the same time, the official changelog of the app also indicates that jetAudio 10.2.0 comes with a new feature to download from network shared folders, which is obviously a feature that comes in super-handy, as it lets you add more songs to your local library in a more convenient way.

Then, this update comes with improved network access and sorting for international characters and numbers.

Just like all the other updates that developers release for their apps, jetAudio is also getting a bunch of unnamed bug fixes and optimizations under the hood, so if you previously experienced issues with the app, this app could further polish the experience overall and address these annoyances.

If you’re using jetAudio on CarPlay, a similar update is available for Apple users as well, so check for new versions on your iPhone. On Android, you can download the jetAudio update from the Google Play Store to try out the latest update right now on your device (and in Android Auto, of course).