| 22 Sep 2023
Spotify introduces two new personalized playlists!

MUMBAI: You may be a person of habit, or a discoverer (or maybe a bit of both) when it comes to streaming music. Either way, there are songs that get stuck in your head and all you want to do is listen to that music over and over and over again. Spotify gets that, which is why we've launched two brand new personalized playlists - ‘On Repeat’ and ‘Repeat Rewind’.

You play ‘Discover Weekly’ when you’re looking for something new, ‘Release Radar’ when you’re looking to stay ahead of the trends and ‘Your Summer Rewind’ when you need a bit of summer nostalgia. No matter what you’re looking for, one of our personalized Spotify playlists has you covered and now.

With these two new playlists, you can sit back, relax, and fall in love with the songs you’ve played most all over again. Check out what each has to offer.

 On Repeat - The music you’ve been streaming nonstop

Get even more of your current favorite tracks with On Repeat. This playlist helps you keep track of what you’ve been playing most over the past 30 days. On Repeat auto-updates, so you can be sure everything on there is the most up-to-date account of what you’ve been playing nonstop. It’s a great combination of all the music you love, no matter what artist or genre, so each time you tap play, it will sound a little different.

Repeat Rewind - The tunes you used to play a lot, re-delivered

On the other hand, Repeat Rewind is a great way to reminisce with the songs you fell in love within the not-so-far-off past. It includes tracks that you played over a month ago for you to rediscover. Whether you’re constantly discovering something new or a purveyor of the classics, sometimes it feels good to just kick back with the familiar. Similarly to On Repeat, your songs can span across artists, moods, and genres, and update every five days.