| 31 Jan 2023
Spotify acquires top music and audio production talent marketplace - SoundBetter

MUMBAI:  The world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, Spotify Technology, today, announced that it has acquired SoundBetter, a leading global audio production and collaboration marketplace helping creators worldwide connect and hire top audio professionals. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“As we build out our tools for creators, we want to give them the resources they need to thrive. SoundBetter has the same vision,” said Spotify Product Creator VP Beckwith Kloss.

He further added, “We're excited that creators can generate income through SoundBetter, as well as benefit from its network of top professionals - from instrumentalists to songwriters to producers - as they perfect their tracks.”

SoundBetter taps into the growing market of audio professionals looking to create better sounding content and searching for partners to advance their work. Since its founding in 2012, SoundBetter has helped tens of thousands of music professionals buy and offer services across the globe. It has a community of more than 180,000 artists registered on its network.

“SoundBetter offers the most comprehensive global marketplace for music and audio production professionals for hire in the world along with a member community spanning 176 countries and 14,000 cities worldwide,” said SoundBetter co-founder and CEO Shachar Gilad.

“We are excited to benefit from Spotify’s global scale, resources, and vision to expand our network and drive more economic opportunities for artists of all levels.”

Spotify continues to invest in developing new tools to help creators create, connect, grow their audience and have an opportunity to live off their work. With SoundBetter, Spotify will now start enriching Spotify for Artists with additional 3rd party services provided by the network of professionals on SoundBetter. Spotify for Artists provides valuable services for artists and labels like insights, profile management, promotion tools. This acquisition will give Spotify for Artists users the chance to both offer their services to generate income, as well as tap into services from other users to help them in their creative process.

Here's more on what SoundBetter’s founders, CEO Shachar Gilad and CTO, Itamar Yunger shared about the company.