| 26 Jan 2022
Spotify develops maiden India campaign

MUMBAI: After one and a half year of back and forth, Sweden music streaming company and global giant Spotify entered India with a big splash last month. Right from the beginning, Spotify is endeavouring to create a distinguishing factor from its competitors like JioSaavn, Hungama, Apple Music, and Google Music. One such innovative factor of Spotify is the in-house curating of playlists.

In the debut campaign, Spotify has curated over three billion playlists under the guidance of in-house editors as well as based on algorithms. This initiative will be called - There’s a playlist for that, and concept for it is developed on the idea of - how choices of consumers difference from their personal social experiences.

Spotify India managing director Amarjit Batra shares his observations that how after every few kilometres, the culture changes and so do the needs and situations. With the changing situations, a playlist that is relevant in one place, for a certain mood, may differ in another place. Considering this, Spotify has taken this as its maiden experiment in its Indian functioning.

Speaking on the launch of the Spotify India campaign, Leo Burnett MD India and Chief Creative Officer South Asia Rajdeepak Das said, “With so many curated playlists, Spotify has something for everyone; whatever be your mood – there’s a playlist for that. It is a fun execution of everyday life situations where things can go from good to bad or bad to good, but remember there is a playlist for that too. The strength of the campaign is that it is hyper-localised and the execution is not only city specific or area specific but even situation and local quirk specific.”

The campaign is designed pertaining to the localities too. For example, the hoarding for this campaign in South Mumbai says, “Dating a boy in the burbs? There’s a playlist for that too - Long Distance.” This is a cheeky take on the forever going debate between South Mumbai and the Suburbs.

While every user experiences their day in a unique manner, Spotify believes that a collective range of distinct emotions is what binds this global community of music passionate fans. Through this campaign, Spotify encourages users to journey through their day with an unmatched creative range of playlists that reflect local culture, moods and social moments. So, however your day is shaping up, there's a playlist for that.