| 19 Jan 2022
'Uska Hi Rang Tera Rang Hai' is about unity in the industry and how they supported a woman's dream: Roshaan Garry Bhinder, Ayman Entertainment

MUMBAI: Roshaan Garry Bhinder, who has been a creative director in the television industry, films, ads for about 20 years now, has released the first video for her new YouTube channel, Ayman Entertainment Titled Uska Hi Rang Tera Rang Hai, Uska Hi Rang Tera Rang Hai, this first-of-its-kind-video features 99 artists from the television industry. Roshaan, who has been the creative director of Indian Telly awards, Balaji Telefilms and many more, debuted as a director in 2014 with Zee’s New Year Event. In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Roshaan spoke about Uska Hi Rang Tera Rang Hai, the idea behind it, Ayman Entertainment and more.

What led you to come up with ‘Uska Hi Rang Tera Rang Hai’

The reason, why I made this video is my son, my children because I wanted to start a YouTube channel and gift them. Also, the channel name - Ayman Entertainment is on my son’s name. Secondly, my late husband Garry Bhinder was a director with television for iconic shows like Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kasauti Zindagi Ki etc and had a good relationship with all the industry people and so do I. He left a good legacy for his children. So, I thought of taking this legacy forward and gift it to my children. And that is where I decided to do this video. But, without the support and love of the entire Television industry, this video won’t have been a reality.

What led to the idea of bringing 99 artists together for one video?

Frankly speaking the thought was giving tribute to the nation with a dozen of artists. Initially, I thought of speaking to Shabbir Ahuwalia, Karanvir Bohra, Harshad Rajput and Vijendra Kumeria etc. and do the video with them. Everyone was like ‘of course, we would like to do the video’. The response and love I got from all the artists was unbelievable. And it's not just the artist even the producers and technicians of most shows welcomed me with open arms. It just went on and on and by the time I realised, I had a good 70 of them. But, I thought, let me just reach a good figure. I wanted at least 100 artists. Then by the time I reached 99, I thought of sticking to 99 as everyone would go for 100 artists, but nobody would do 99 artists and that’s how I shot with 99 artists for the video. Without the love and support of the entire industry, it wouldn't have been possible.

Can you tell us about the process of shooting the video?

I was clear in my mind about what I wanted to do with the shoot, how and what I want to cover, be it the kind of shot, expression and feeling. Also, I didn’t shoot the video with any crew but went on 30 different shooting sets to personally meet and shoot with them, while a few at their homes. This is because I wanted everyone to be comfortable. I shot with all the actors in just seven days. It was a task to be creative and work on tight schedules. A complete emotional journey as I met a few Actors after a decade, we hugged and cried, spoke about the memories of Garry. Few Actors went out of the way to introduce me to their co-actors and made them shoot with me. I had to miss on many actors due to tight schedules and deadlines. The shooting has been an emotional journey and all these celebs have been the driving force behind my music video.

What message did you aim to give through the video?

I wanted to showcase freedom through the song, which is not just about Republic Day or Independence Day, but about the freedom to breathe as well as think freely and do whatever you feel like doing. . It doesn’t depict just the colour of the flag, but I wanted to capture some rare moments which showed colours of the nation, purity, power, pride, happiness, culture, caste, creed and everything. It also talks about the liberalisation of global women. There are artists, who are quite naturally depicted in the video. When a woman (Roshaan) brings forward her hand and the entire industry supports her by coming together for the video, it depicts strength and unity.

Dabboo Malik is the music director of the video. Can you comment on the association?

The music has been conceptualised by Dabboo Malik, who is my brother. We had thought of using one of the patriotic songs initially. But, when I spoke to Dabboo Mallik and said, ‘let’s do something original, he was also charged up and said, ‘let’s do it.’ Dabboo brought on board both female and male singers. We wanted to add shloks, pitch, high and lows ragas and other elements to the song, which turned out to be a superb composition. Dabboo and his team did a fabulous job. "For long, I wanted to do a song for my nation lot of people had done anthems but I wanted to pay a tribute in a very subtle way. I wrote this song as a tribute to my country without sounding preachy or aggressive," Dabboo said about the song. He also spoke about his experience of working with me, "Roshaan is a tough taskmaster and takes the best from me. She has a great spirit, actually, an undying spirit. She is very hardworking and knows what she wants. This is a tribute from me to her and late Garry Bhinder and a gift to Ayman and Arainna."

Is it your first collaboration with Dabboo Malik?

No, I have worked with him on multiple projects earlier worked with Daboo for the recreational song, Tum Pukar Lo, which was a tribute to Hemant Kumar and Gulzar Saab was also produced by Ayman Entertainment. Dabboo has not only composed the song but has also featured in it, while I had directed the video also.

What kind of response, you are looking forward for this song?

I am not scared about the response as I am not expecting anything. But, the way I started the video when I wanted to do with 10, but it became so huge that I made it with a mayhem 99 television artists. For me, this is an achievement and I am extremely overwhelmed to start a channel for my children, I am giving them our legacy to cherish. After this others might bring together 200 artists for a song, but first is first and I am happy to be that first.

What are your other projects?

Apart from this, there are quite a few things, which are going to come on Ayman Entertainment’s YouTube channel. 99 Colours Of The Nation is going to be the theme and tagline of this channel, where we will bring everything that shows colours of the nation from food to home to festivals to traditions to relationships. I will be creating music videos in collaboration with Daboo Malik and other music directors. I will be more on the creative front than music. This channel is not just about music, but other colours of the nation. Ayman Entertinment will be producing music videos, but that is just one part of it. The major part is content, fiction, non-fiction which is my forte.
But this song doesn’t end here. It will actually become a roar. I will be recreating the song again and again with other 99 people like 99 Technicians of the industry coming together to celebrate the colours of the nation, next will be 99 Generation Next and so on.

OTT platforms like YouTube are a trend. What do you want to say about its scope?

Of course, there is a scope because this has just come in as a trend. Earlier, we were struck by channels. A few years back there was just DD, then Zee TV came in, followed by Star Plus and later soaps like Kyuki and Kasauti made an entry. Today, OTT and digital platforms are a trend because the best part over here is you can do what you want and nobody will stop you. You have your own creativity. This is the place, where you can prove yourself. Also, platforms like these are helping the talented people in the country to showcase their talent, which they weren’t able to earlier due to nepotism and other reasons. This is definitely is going to stay for a long time.

Having been in the industry for 20 years now, how do you decide a certain kind of content will work for the audience?

It all depends on the audience. Today, there is an audience for different kind of content be it for horror, drama, relationships etc. Keeping that kind of audience in mind, you have to maintain the mood of it; else the audience will feel cheated. It is therefore important to be loyal to the audience and not cheat them.

Where do you see Ayman Entertainment five years down?

It’s going to rock because if the first video itself is rocking and everyone is talking about it. If the start is like this, then after five years, the scenario will be worth seeing!

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