| 30 May 2023
Songdew launches Songdew Play, a unique service to strengthen brand experience through music

MUMBAI: A lot has been researched and written about the importance of establishing brand essence and reverberating the same through everything that a company does. This is the reason that the industries are moving away from creating just a product experience towards creating a brand experience. Music being the universal language, taps into emotions and thus provides a way to enhance the brand experience. Songdew, a leading music platform that has been working with brands to develop their sonic strategy, has announced the launch of their unique service - Songdew Play.

Commenting on the same, Songdew Director Sandip Tarkas mentioned that life of a human being is strongly connected with sound and music. We all tend to react and establish emotional connect with the kind of sound we hear and that provides huge opportunities for brands to build the strategy for creating brand experience around music. Once we have carved out the sonic strategy and identity for the brand we use large pool of awesome talent on the site to create the kind of music which is required for the brand.

Songdew Play marks the launch of a unique offering which involves creating playlist of carefully selected music aligned with brand equity at the places of customer interface. Thus,

Influencing customer’s mood, buying behaviour and brand perception in a positive way.

“It is important to mention that music curated is not just any music picked up from a library, it is created by some the best musicians and bands in India and is of the highest quality both in terms of composition and production value.” says Songdew Media Founder Sunil Khanna.

 He further added, “The unique methodology of Songdew play has been put to test and has delivered some fantastic results along with many happy customers such as Fabindia,

FabCafe, Pratha etc.”

An example of how brands are enhancing their customer experience through music is the brilliant work done by Fabindia. Fabindia is a leading brand retailing many products where the core is Indian. Songdew collaborated with Fabindia to establish a stronger connect with youth of the country through music. Based on their brief, a mood board was created to establish brands’ sonic identity and then musicians were invited to create music based on the mood board. Some of best musicians from across India submitted their music and the

curated playlist is currently playing in all the retail stores of Fabindia.

Just as the visual strategy is consistent across all touch points for any brand so should the sonic strategy be consistent across all ‘ear points’. As the environment is becoming highly competitive wherein brands are struggling to establish their identity, Music as a part of overall brand experience, will become an important tool to stand out from the competition.

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