| 20 Aug 2022
Gaana launches India's first music streaming Bot

MUMBAI: ‘Gaana’, which claims to be India’s biggest music streaming app, has announced its new innovative feature - the Gaana Facebook Messenger Bot. The app launches today 11 November 2016.

The Gaana Facebook Messenger Bot is the world’s first music streaming Bot inside the Facebook messenger app, claims the company. As the streaming service has a large fan base on Facebook, this feature will aid users’ engagement and is expected to give a boost to Gaana’s position in the music streaming space.

In the last one year, ‘Gaana’ has released a few innovative features like material design, local music integration, tabbed layout, improved recommendation engine and wallet integrations, in a bid to improve its customer experience further.

Says Gaana COO Prashan Agarwal, “Gaana has always been proactive on customer connect initiatives and the Facebook Bot messenger in a brilliant initiative on this front. A lot of our customers are very active on our Facebook page and we wanted to give them more interaction to get real-time information from Gaana right from their Facebook page. We expect this to be a great tool to drive consumer engagement.”

At the time of its launch, the Gaana Facebook Messenger Bot offers the following features to their users:

Receive updates about the fresh content on

Search anything on

Share their favourite content with their Facebook friends

Send their feedback to Gaana

Go to the app/website directly from Facebook Messenger

Gaana users can modify Facebook Gaana Bot by clicking on Moving forward, Gaana team will focus more on training the Bot for smart conversations and users will be allowed to sync the Bot with their existing Gaana profile. Users can also receive more customised music recommendations and create playlists based on their conversations with friends.