| 09 Aug 2022
Tinder gets music on board with Spotify tie-up

MUMBAI: Tinder fans with a yen for music can rejoice. The dating app has partnered with music streaming service Spotify enabling Tinder users to show off their music tastes on their profiles.

Tinder announced on Tuesday that its users can now connect their Spotify accounts and automatically show who their most listened-to artists are. They can also add their favourite 'anthem' to their profiles, but they don’t need a Spotify account to do so.

Tinder users can also tap to listen to short clips of their favorite songs while they are checking out another user's profile.

The move is aimed at allowing Would-be daters to choose potential Tinder matches based on their music tastes while Spotify stands to get exposed to more potential customers.

Tinder now allows a button that allows linking a Spotify account to a Tinder profile.

Users now also have the option of setting an anthem, which is the background track for your life, or a piece of music that defines who you are as a person, and are changeable. Users can search through the Spotify database, and select a track to be used as an anthem on their Tinder profiles.

The feature is in the process of rolling out to all 59 markets where Spotify is available.