| 14 Jul 2024
Beatles catalogue to be available on major streaming services Christmas onwards

MUMBAI: Christmas comes with surprises, and this year the musical Santa could be the major player across streaming services. Arguably, the most popular band in the world, The Beatles, will release its music across all the streaming services. The list includes major players as well as emerging names in the industry that include Apple Music, Slacker, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Microsoft Groove and Napster.

At a time when popular artists like Adele and Taylor Swift have decided to shun streaming services, The Beatles’ latest move comes as a welcome change.

The discography available on Spotify’s streaming includes almost every product from the legendary band from Liverpool- from ‘Please Please Me’ to ‘Revolver’ and both the volumes of ‘Past Masters’. It is important to add that Spotify will stream the band’s music for free.

The music will be out on these streaming services from 24 December, 12:01 GMT, according to the website.

The band stayed off the streaming services since sharing its music on iTunes in 2011. And now, with the official announcement, the week-long rumours of their music spreading across several other services turned true.