| 02 Jun 2023
'We are keen on collaborating and shaping up the music culture in India': Kartikeya Sharma, Budweiser India

MUMBAI: Sensation, arguably the world’s biggest dance fiesta, was recently held on 6 March 2016, in Hyderabad. With a spectacular set up and a stellar line up of artists, the festival witnessed a raging success in India this year. Brand ‘Sensation’ was held in association with leading global beverage brand ‘Budweiser’. RadioandMusic, in a chat with Kartikeya Sharma, Marketing Director, India South East Asia, AB InBev, found out more about their planning, strategy and future plans.


How did the association with the festival brand ‘Sensation’ happen?

Sensation meant a lot for brand Budweiser and it is one of our most successful associations. We believe the electronic music culture in India is at a very exciting stage and bringing world class International festivals like Sensation is our effort in giving young Indians a taste of the latest and greatest from the global electronic space. Sensation is one of the largest dance festivals that has come to India and we at Budweiser have and will always strive to take it to the next level.

Can you tell us about the strategy behind branding and marketing ideas for Budweiser Sensation?

As a brand, we look forward to creating real experience for the music lovers and consumers. We wanted to show some love for our fans and hence we came up with the idea of Bud bus, Bud hotel – where you see goodies and surprises everywhere. It’s our attempt to give our fans an amazing experience at Budweiser Sensation.

There are many music festivals in India today and the interest in electronic music is growing. At this stage, is Budweiser ready to bring some more popular festivals?

Well, there is a growing interest in electronic music in India and we are happy to be a part of it. We would love to bring Tomorrowland to India. Last year, we had planned ‘Tomorrowland Unite’ for the fans and we saw an impressive turnout. This year, we are planning something bigger and even more incredible. India is certainly ready for many such festivals, including Tomorrowland, but what we need to work on, is the infrastructure. I’m sure in the near future; we may surprise you with this popular event too.

There is a lot of fresh and new talent which has been recognised on digital/online and TV plans, and Budweiser has also supported it. Any future plans to bring another support platform for them?

Budweiser has always been interested in promoting and helping budding artists. We want to build a sustainable relationship with the community and consumers who are passionate about music.  Through our platform ‘Made stage’ we planned not only  to foster a fresh outlook on music and art, but also gives artists a platform to showcase their talent and zeal for music. In the future, we are planning to scale it and take it to another level and many more places.  We are currently focussing on one idea and looking forward to making it successful.

What plans does Budweiser have for the near future? What other collaborations are being planned?

The future is very bright for Budweiser and we are planning on associating and bringing some interesting global concepts to India. We are keen on collaborating and shaping up the music culture for consumers. The scene in India is right for many experiences, especially music and sports. We will study the segments well and plan some exciting associations.