| 20 Jul 2024
'Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali' delivers Tata Tea's message of 'fusion' says, Head of Marketing Rishi Chadha

MUMBAI: Music is one of the preferred forms of advertisement in today’s world and Tata Global Beverages head of marketing – Tea, Rishi Chadha too seconds that. In fact, their latest advertisement around their fresh offering ‘Tata Tea Fusion’ too is a musical one.

The ad features Anu Malik, Abish Mathew and Aditi Mittal in a rap version of 90’s Bollywood number then sung and composed by Anu Malik, ‘Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho’. On selecting an old song instead of creating a new track Chadha said, “We wanted to pick up a popular song from the 90s’ and change it to fit the current scenario. This is exactly what the rap version of ‘Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali’ is about. Moreover it delivers our message of ‘fusion’.”

The audio-video is limited to the digital medium as Chadha believes that promoting a TVC through the internet leverages reach. Digital medium is a huge medium and it’s growing rapidly. “Though the clip is limited to the digital medium, the marketing promotion for Tata Tea Fusion is a 360 degree campaign. We are promoting it on digital, print, on ground, shop level and through media,” revealed the marketing head.

Elaborating more on the latest tea offering Chadha said, “Fusion is a new launch to provide finer tea experience to the consumers. In today’s world everyone likes things to be customised and Tata tea fusion gives them that experience. This is also the first time that there are two compartments in the same tea package. These compartments have two different Assam tea enhancers. It goes with our tagline ‘Jaise chaho vaise banao’.”

However, Tata Tea Fusion’s future TVCs’ might not be limited to music alone according to Chadha as he informed, “We are looking at more innovative ideas. Hence, these ideas might not just be limited to music.”