| 18 Jul 2024
We want to grow in Middle Eastern and South Eastern Markets: Percept Live's Marketing Head

MUMBAI: Behind every successful event there is the marketing team that works to promote and sell products or services, including market research and advertising. And for a brand like Sunburn, it takes innovations and a vision ahead for better functioning.

Sunburn saw a sponsor integration of more than 20 brands with every brand integrating a unique concept. including Renault, Gionee (co-presenters) Kingfisher, Sminiroff, Quikr Cars (in partnership with), FBB, Ola, Sky Bags, Airtel, Gillette, SpiceJet, Rayban (in association with), Sky Scanner, Stayzilla, 7Up, Ola Money (co-sponsors) Instagram, Tinder, ITC, Dominos (stall partners).

Speaking on the marketing strategies her company focused on this year, Percept Live head of marketing Divya Dixit said, “This year we used the motto ‘follow the feeling’, which was focused on the youth. For marketing clued our ears to social media, to the ground promotions, we focused on what fans wanted us to do, what their expectations were, since over the years Sunburn has grown as a community.”

She further added, “For a brand like Sunburn, we worked with television, radio for promotion, on ground and digital activities. We depend on our partners a lot. A lot of it depends on our strategic partner alliances we have, that is a driving force for any brand.”

The entire lineup, the production values, and the overall experience at Sunburn Goa was outstanding, Thousands of fans facebooked and tweeted during the event and the cumulative twitter reach of fans was 35 lakh and impressions were 1 crore over a period of four days says the company. Sunburn festival Facebook page peaked to a reach of two million per day during the four days of Sunburn Goa festival.

Asserting on this, Dixit said, “We used social media very potentially, we interacted with people, we responded to them and it is a great medium for direct relationship for fans. It is a platform when you get to know which artist they want, what changes they want, and what music is trending for them. You need to be in touch with fans to understand what they want more from Sunburn.

“I believe we can do much more in terms of innovations, the things which are permanent for the brand. We have done activities in Muscat, Dubai, Russia, Sri Lanka and South Asia countries which have turned out well. We want to grow in Middle Eastern and South Eastern Markets first and then reach out to Far East European markets which are already saturated markets”