| 23 Jul 2024
This summers' MIDEM 2015 will have nine execs representing India

MUMBAI: This year, international B2B event -MIDEM (Marché International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale), which is dedicated to the music ecosystem, will feature comprehensive programme to support labels and their artists, as well as a new exhibition space and content devoted to Tech and Innovation. Another major noticeable change made this year is that MIDEM will take place from 5 to 8 June in Cannes.

Also, this year the country of honour is 'Armenia' and for country showcases the focus is on Asia.

Its move to summer is regarded as a refreshing change. "This is for the first time in many years, MIDEM is held in the summery month of June. There are a lot of outside venues that have been lined up, where bands, singers would be performing. There is an attempt by the organisers – Reed MIDEM, to respond to the needs of the ecosystem; to provide a more fun, entertaining and engaging environment," said India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka REED MIDEM representative Anil Wanvari who is also group founder and CEO .

The MIDEM festival which presents six official stages is open to both MIDEM attendees and the general public. The festival will have a total of 45 concerts showcasing 187 artists from around the globe. Commenting on the gigs and its relation with the summers, Wanvari said, "So far, MIDEM was held in January, when it was extremely cold, making it difficult to listen to musicians play. This time, it will be warm and sunny in Cannes. It is going to have a different vibe with a different feel. The energy of the executives coming in will be a lot warmer."
Another major change in the 49th edition of MIDEM will be the launch of a new Innovation and Technology area which would be open to clients and the general public. This zone will showcase companies that are offering innovative solutions to engage consumers with new technology, content and connected objects that are associated with the music industry and beyond.

This year, there are nine participants from India, four of which represent Saregama India Limited. Joining them are representatives from Universal Music India, Worldwide Records Limited, Times Music, Jagdish Sagar and Garesala Records. Speaking further on that, Wanvari said, "We have got nine participants from India and we are looking at increasing the participation. We are trying to figure out a model that will work for the industry. The Indian music players must know that MIDEM is a must-attend get-together for their ecosystem every year. For the large part, most Indian music companies are very inward looking, and we are hoping that will change with India becoming more known across the world."

According to Wanvari, Monetisation, a creative impetus and engagement opportunities with each other is something that he is looking forward to. He also added, "I am looking forward to discussion on monetisation, such as, on the existing revenue streams such as publishing, sync licensing, or new revenue streams which includes syncing commercials, streaming, live or YouTube."

He further said that MIDEM provides one of the best platforms in Europe for the music industry. "Whether its labels, streaming service, technology, live, promoters, publishers, writers, telcos and others, it provide an excellent platform to them. For all the members of the ecosystem to get together and reflect on the way forward for the music industry and also reflect on trends that are impacting the music industry," he said.