| 04 Dec 2023
BUDx an electronic music lab launches in Delhi

MUMBAI: Building on the global success of its pioneering music partnership with Boiler Room, Budweiser Experiences introduces BUDx three days of workshops, talks, master classes and live DJ performances co curated by Boiler Room in New Delhi from 6 December to 8 December.

The underlying focus of BUDx is to bring fans and artistes closer together in a collaborative, creative experience around emerging electronic music culture. Through its structure and content, BUDx puts the spotlight squarely on the development of electronic music in India as a tool of social cohesion and empowerment. It is also an extension of the collaboration that brought Boiler Room to India at the end of 2016, and continues to champion the local scene and electronic music communities in India.

Speaking about launching BUDx in India, AB InBev India Marketing Director said, “We are very proud that India is debuting the launch of this flagship global property. We are extremely excited to bring this first of its kind electronic music lab to India and the avenues that this will open up for various stakeholders of the music industry from artists to fans. Culture shaping is at the core of all our initiatives and with BUDx Boiler Room we aim to push the boundaries further by introducing a platform that will redefine electronic music culture in the country. India will be the first ever market globally to experience BUDx and we look forward to curating the best immersive music experience for the growing legions of Indian electronic music fans.”

BUDx will curate the most exciting trends and themes in the scene and will be a combination of panel discussions, showcases, master classes, real time collaboration between artists and amazing Boiler Room sets streamed live across the globe.

Speaking with Boiler Room head of music Dean Bryce about BUDx, he added “At Boiler Room, we always want to delve deeper into the ? how, what, why of the scenes that? we love. BUDx presents a great, new opportunity for us to get more involved on the ground to discuss and deliberate on music culture across the world, starting with New Delhi in December 2017.”

“From panel discussions to master classes, one of collaborations and of course, great music, we envision BUDx to grow into an online archive that will be a resource for fans as well as for the scenes that we champion,” adds Dean Bryce.