| 03 Dec 2022
Bacardi NH7 Weekender announces access to disabled

MUMBAI: Bacardi NH7 Weekender has committed to being a festival accessible for people with disabilities.

“Music has no barriers, our endeavour is to continually create memorable experiences and unforgettable properties for every Bacardi fan. With this initiative, we have set a new benchmark for all the major events happening in the country," Manish Seth, director - marketing - India and South East Asia, Bacardi India, said in a statement.

Only Much Louder CEO, Vijay Nair, added that they aim to achieve globally accepted standards when it comes to festival accessibility and conveniences. "Everyone should be able to enjoy musical performances and be a part of the excitement.”

The Disability Policy by OML has set a benchmark for other festivals and events to follow suit.

A series of measures will be implemented in the next three festivals starting with Delhi this weekend. Personal assistant tickets allowing Persons with Disabilities and Mobility Impairment to be accompanied by one designated person can be requested on

At the festival, reserved parking for the disabled and a special counter to collect tickets and wrist bands will be located by the main entrance.

Within the festival grounds, stages will be connected by temporary mud tracks for more convenient wheelchair movement. Viewing platforms will be located next to the sound consoles with ramps to provide access for riders using wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, walkers or other mobility aids.

Bacardi NH7 Weekender will also have ambulances and a medical unit for any medical emergencies. Additional wheelchairs can be hired from the medical tent. Trained volunteers, who can assist persons with mobility impairment, will be made available throughout the festival.

Large raised signages will be located throughout the festival to help guide the visually impaired festival goers reach their desired location. Ear plugs for festival goers with hearing impairment can be requested for as well.