| 04 Dec 2021
Confluence of music, spirituality at fest in Pushkar
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MUMBAI: Rajasthan, which has enamoured culture, art and music aficionados in India and beyond since time immemorial, is set to host a three-day festival, which aims at bringing music and spirituality on one platform.

To be held at Pushkar, Shree Cements, The Sacred Festival, which is slated to take place ahead of Kartik Poornima between 22 and 24 November, boasts of an eclectic line-up of artists and spiritual exhibits.

"The idea was basically to try and bring together everything that touched upon the sacred and also show that spirituality crosses all religious boundaries. We wanted to look at both, Pushkar and Ajmer, at the same time, where two completely different religions are co-existing," Sanjoy Roy, managing director, Teamworks Arts, the festival organiser, told IANS.

"We wanted to create a space for people to come to listen morning and evening music and re-discover the pleasure of spirituality as your own space," he added.

The festival, which features artists from genres as diverse as Sufi, Rajasthani Folk, World Music and Hindustani classical among others, is a way to showcase how art and culture can transcend boundaries of religion and language, Roy said.

"In today's day and time, when we are seeing so much intolerance, it's imperative that all of us in the cultural space come together to showcase music that crosses all boundaries of religion, language, of different kinds of differences that have cropped up," he said.

As to why Pushkar was chosen as a venue for this festival, Roy revealed that it was initially a suggestion given by Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

"The suggestion came from Vasundhara Raje. Apart from the camel fair, there was nothing specific happening there. When I went and saw the Pushkar kund, I realised it is such a stunning backdrop," he said.

The three days of the festival, which will take place at different venues, including the Raj Bohra Ghat, sand dunes and Ajmer Fort, will add up to the prevailing spiritual ambience of Pushkar, Roy said.

"People come and pray there, and you can come and sit and enjoy the music there. The idea is not to disrupt anything, but to add to it. The idea was what would work in morning and evening. A lot of international tourists coming in, the idea was to do something that was unique. Programming anything is complex. This year's progamming is just to see what works," he added.

The festival line-up features artists like Kailash Kher, Shubha Mudgal, Nathulal Solanki with 52 Nagaras, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Yom & Wang Li, La Grande Chapelle, Jaisalmer Boys among others.

The festival will also showcase Buddhist meditation by Khen Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden, guided Jain meditation by Tikam Chand Jain, Vayu Yoga by Capucine Redon and Pushkar Heritage Walks.