| 13 Jun 2021
Arun Budhiraja: India being a home of classical music should promote classical instruments

MUMBAI: The sixth edition of World Flute Festival recently concluded at the Lotus Temple in Delhi, witnessing over 7,000 attendees. Initiated by the Krishna Prerna Foundation, the World Flute Festival aims to promote all the wind instruments like flute, tutari and pipari, amongst a few others. This edition witnessed participation from over 50 artists coming from Japan, Belrus and Pakistan.

“We bring artists from various parts of the country and get them to collaborate with bigger performers. We call it a marriage between two musicians, who bond over their performances and work together to perform on a bigger stage,” said organiser and founder of Krishna Prerna Charitable Trust, Arun Budhiraja. The idea of starting the World Flute Festival came six years ago, during the festival of Janmashtami. At the time, Bhudhiraja was contemplating what could be done to celebrate Lord Krishna. Since Krishna plays a flute, the idea of having a Flute festival was what came to him, and although many told him the concept would not work, he was determined to implement it. Since the first edition which saw only 11 artists, the World Flute Festival has grown in number and importance.

“India, being the home of classical music, should promote classical instruments and I am proud to play a vital role in the cause. We are also planning to take this festival to smaller cities so that more people can be encouraged to play the instrument,” he further added. Budhiraja also feels that a lot of flutists are doing really well outside India, as there is little awareness in the country.

According to him, the flute, as an instrument, has a healing power like no other instrument. “Even science has proven that listening to the flute offers relaxation of more than eight hours of sleep,” Budiraja further added. Putting that into practice, he conducts workshops for corporate companies where people are very likely to face issues due stress, helping them relax with the help of the flute.

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