| 03 Jul 2022
New Clear Ideas eyes organic growth by creating more IPs

MUMBAI: After Bengaluru and Pune, Sula Sessions will move to Goa and Mumbai, which is a property under Sula Vineyards and is curated by Ryan Sadri and his team at New Clear Ideas.

Sadri, partner of New Clear Ideas said, "Moving to different cities is natural progression. Sula is far beyond alcohol. It promotes lifestyle and music, which is big part of the company."

The plan to start a smaller IP that will eventually end with the annual Sula Festival, started last year.

He added that the sessions will give rise to great talents and hopes that many companies in future will take the initiative to promote talent in the country.

Sadri, who played music for more than two decades said, "I have seen Sula Fest imbibe music through its live sessions and thought it should travel and spread the same message to people across the country."
Artists and bands on the Indie scene, have been playing at the Sula Sessions. The last edition took place on 7 August where Bengaluru-based Disco/Funk act ‘Clown with a Frown’ performed.

Over the next six months, one will see the best performers come together to form a live band, the ‘Sun Collective’ that will debut at the upcoming SulaFest 2016.

For New Clear Ideas, this project with Sula Vineyards will be a start to many projects, which Sadri is hopeful about. "We hope that we will curate many such IPs and grow organically," he said.

Sadri, who is a co-founder of Cotton Press Studio and has also worked with a sports brand, confessed, "When I started my career I was not clear about the profession I wanted to take up. However, I was interested in sports and music, so started working with a sports brand and later pursued a career in music. I am happy that I took this path."

Experimenting with music genre is something Sadri enjoys not just when he is creating music but also when he curates venues. For the past four months, the company has been curating music during Brunch time at Palladium rooftop and has include various music genres based on the day of the week.

For him, handling the role of a musician and entrepreneur comes naturally. However, he believes that it is with the help of his partners at New Clear Ideas, that he has managed to handle both roles smoothly. Along with Sadri, Ratan Sarosh Ginwalla and Jamshed Farokh Guzder, are the other founders the company.

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