| 05 Dec 2023
Loyalty of fans and sponsors kept the brand in sustainable position: Sunburn curator Shailendra Singh

MUMBAI: One of the biggest Electronic dance music festival Sunburn known to bring several musicians and thousands of people each year from around the globe under one roof had a successful wrap up this 2019. The three day festival held at Goa did wind-up on a successful note.

While post-Sunburn we happened to get in touch with the EDM biggie, the festival curator Shailendra Singh.

“Sunburn has gone through an interesting graph through acceptance, a lot of joy and celebration and then came the phase of cannibalization. There were people copying it, blocking it. We went through an interesting phase of this competition. Earlier this phase of Sunburn was a challenging one. The loyalty of the fans and sponsors kept the brand in a sustainable position. It stabilized itself again moreover Sunburn has the power to make a social difference. Electronic music unites India like no other genre,” said Singh giving his viewpoint on the festival over the years.

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Shailendra explains licensing and factors relating to getting everything done legally is not a single-window process and is quite tedious. “I think the ministry of tourism, broadcasting and entertainment are not understanding the power of music tourism. When you have Sunburn you do tourism of 67 cities. Music tourism has built places like Las Vegas, it means there are millions of destinations in the world where music tourism plays a key role in the DNA of the society of that country. I think we are the world’s largest democracy bringing in people from across the world,” adds Singh.

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