| 23 Jul 2024
We have found BookMyShow, as our perfect partner to help us develop 'elrow' in India: Juan Arnau Jr

MUMBAI: One of the magnificient and the craziest parties of the year elrow has made its way to India and we can't just step out of our zones to witness this fun party which will be happening in India on 16 March 2019. The festival has made a mark over more than 50 cities, London, Shanghai, Miami, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Brzail and many more. A big extravaganza of music, circus, parade, dance, food all rolled into one would be held in Mumbai MMRDA Grounds on 16 March. Well we had a chat with elrow creators Juan Arnau Jr and Cruz Arnau about elrow's concept. During the chat, they recollected their six generations who developed elrow.

On being asked, what can we expect from elrow, Cruz Arnau said, “You can expect only the unexpected. If you are open-mind, predisposed and participatory, then this would be a part to another level. Happiness and euphoria are involved here. Elrow is a place where you can forget everything, be yourself and have a lot of fun. It is all about transmitting good energy.

‘Don’t be shy to meet new people and dance all night long. You can expect is to have a great time like one you have never had before,” she added.

On elrow’s collaboration with BookMyShow, Juan Arnau Jr said, “India is one of the most exciting markets around, its size and culture make it extremely interesting for any entertainment company. We had been looking for the perfect opportunity for some time now and now it looks like we have found the perfect partner in BookMyShow, to help us develop elrow’s concept all over this beautiful country.”

Further shedding light on how the concept of elrow came about, Cruz Arnau told, “We are a family that has followed the history of electronic music and have lived and enjoyed it from generation to generation, since the time we were kids. A few years ago, Juan and I began to notice and feel that the scene needed a change. The night was starting to become boring, dark, linear and people asked for something new to have fun and be part of the show. They wanted to forget their problems and find their inner child.”

“We started investigating and tried to make something new. We first decorated the room and then got some costume like a present for the crew and added confetti during the show. People loved that! The audience was now part of the spectacle and light and colours came back into the scene. We gave inflatables and toys for people to interact and play with each other, and take back as a souvenir,” she further added.

Cruz described elrow, “elrow is polyhedral, poetic and inexplicable - a remix of several worlds, that we now call themes.”

She further elaborated on what it means, “elrow came from a club we had a few years ago in downtown Barcelona and we called it Row. Row in English means paddling - a concept close to my family history. We gave paddled for decades through the history of electronic music. In May 2008, we took it over and called it Row14, since it was situated 14 kms from Barcelona centre.”

Lastly, revealing their further plans and future projects in India, Juan Arnau
concluded, “Let’s keep it a secret for now! We can’t wait for all that we have in store for you.”