| 27 Jan 2023
Still a lot of room for live music scene to grow in India: Sunburn CEO

MUMBAI : The Sunburn City Festivals, starting from Bengaluru on Friday, have an exciting line-up including Above & Beyond, Yellow Claw, trap DJ Malaa, and Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn. Organisers say the ever-evolving live music industry is flourishing in India, and there's much more potential for growth.

"The (live music and event) scene is always evolving and the audiences are becoming more discerning. However, India is such a big market and there is still a lot of room and potential for the scene to grow. It is an exciting industry to be a part of," Karan Singh, Sunburn Global, told IANS in an email.

Bringing the true Sunburn Festival vibe, the Sunburn City Festivals which will kickstart the 12th season of the electronic dance music festival with Bengaluru, followed by a two-day festival on Saturday and Sunday simultaneously in Mumbai and Delhi NCR.

World renowned electronic music act Above & Beyond are returning to Sunburn after seven years, while Dutch DJ and record production duo Yellow Claw are returning to India after two years.

"We are happy with the line-up. It is a really good mix of artistes and different sounds... India debuts for both Kristain and Malaa. Also there is Yellow Claw, one of the finest trap duos in the world. And then some of the best domestic artistes to support too. It should be a lot of fun," Singh said.

City Festivals are planned as a build up to the flagship Sunburn Festival 2018, slated to take place at the Oxford Gold Resort in Pune from December 29-31.

Sunburn, a Percept Intellectual Property, is one of the world's biggest music festivals which started in 2007 as a three-day music festival in Goa.

Explaining the idea behind catering to multiple cities too now, Singh said: "We felt the way the market has evolved, doing a city festival is better because we can offer the fans a good mix of artistes, different genres, bespoke production and a true festival experience.

"India is such a massive country that all our fans cannot travel to one location. We have come up with different formats that cater to different markets, audiences, price-points... There is something for everyone, from a campus festival to the mega event in Pune. Still, we feel this is the tip of the iceberg and there is a long way to go."

Singh said visitors should expect a proper music festival, covering various types of music across different genres, and complete with visuals and special effects.

(Source: IANS)