| 27 Nov 2022
Humming Tree postpones The Aristocrats' debut Bengaluru performance amidst unrest

MUMBAI: The recent socio-political unrest caused between the locals of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the river Cauvery has caused several severe economic and civic troubles for the regions affected. In the city of Bengaluru, curfew has been imposed in a few areas and music has become another victim to the violence that erupted on Monday.

Instrumental rock band The Aristocrats – currently touring India – was scheduled to perform in Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru on 14 September. However, considering the current status and the environment, the venue for the band’s debut Bengaluru performance – The Humming Tree – officially announced today that the show will be postponed foreseeing unavoidable circumstances.

Read the official announcement -

So it's with a lot of disappointment that we have to announce that we are postponing tomorrow's show. It's still not been made completely clear whether a bandh is going to be declared tomorrow or not and we do not want to risk going ahead with the gig at the expense of anyone's safety. We're happy to announce though that there will be another bangalore date (most likely Monday) as well as hopefully an added Mumbai show . All these details will be announced by this evening. Thank you so much to The Aristocrats for understanding the situation and being so great and accommodating about it all and to you all for being so patient and understanding as well. We are gutted about this but we will have them here in 5 days so proper silver linings. For those people who bought tickets for this wednesday's show and cannot make it to the rescheduled Monday show, or to anyone who would like to be refunded on account of the date change please write to - (Post 5 pm) and we will get the refund processed as fast as we can. We hope everyone stays safe here and in Tamil Nadu and we hope to see everyone on Monday xx

Later, the band released the official announcement on its official social media page, and assured the performance will be rescheduled soon.

Two people were killed and at least 350 arrests have been made in the last 24 hours, and although the situation has improved, it was wise and responsible of The Humming Tree to take the necessary action.

The Aristocrats had already performed in Kolkata last night, the first of its multi-city tour, and the band will perform in Mumbai on 16 September before heading to Delhi on 18 September. And if the Bengaluru performance reschedules to 19 September, then The Humming Tree will host The Aristocrats’ closing India debut tour.

The month has provided a few disappointing news for the music aficionados in Bengaluru. On September 4, DJ and Electronic music producer Nucleya postponed his ‘Raja Baja’ tour performance in the city due to organisers’ failure to secure last minute permissions citing religious functions.