| 05 Dec 2023
Paradigm Shift to release its first ever music video 'Banjaara'

MUMBAI: Mumbai-based rock act 'Paradigm Shift' returns to blueFROG to release its first ever music video on 11 August. 'Banjaara', the single from the upcoming second album 'Sammukh', becomes the eight-year-old fusion/rock band's first official music video.

The band knows how to create the hype, and the teaser of the music video for Banjaara justifies its intentions. Watch the teaser here -

The teaser looks stunning and director Srinivas Sunderrajan’s earlier directorial stints for Fox India and several other ‘indie’ projects further steers the anticipation. Vocalist Kaushik Ramachandran and co. will appear in the music video, and the frontman will return to the venue after two years. “The last time we played live was February (at Hard Rock Café). However, the last blueFROG performance for Paradigm Shift happened in 2013, I guess.”

The band will release the new single and the music video, and adding to the set-list for the night would be the band’s older material. The new album ‘Sammukh’ acts as the concept album and the prequelto the maiden effort, and performing the older songs makes total sense. The ten-track album had kept the fans waited for over a year, and ‘Sammukh’ also features the new violinist Ajay Jayanthi.

The music video was shot at Goregoan Filmistan, and when asked if the new album would include more music videos, Ramachandran added, “’Banjaara’ cost us Rs. 6.5 lacs. If the budget allows us, we might produce more videos.”

The band’s initiative will be supported by another Mumbai-based act Anand Bhaskar Collective while the band would perform in three cities – Mumbai (11 August), Gurgaon (25 August) Pune (8 September). The mini tour would focus on the new single and its music video, explained the vocalist.

Paradigm Shift’s music video launch would be the band’s final appearance at the venue as blueFROG began its countdown to #Doorsclosing at Todi Mills. The venue’s exclusive last month initiative ‘The Last Set’ features the country’s few of the finest performers at the Lower Parel venue for one last time.