| 23 Jul 2024
NCPA goes Electronic with ELECTRIC

MUMBAI: For decades, NCPA maintained its reputation as among the finest live performance venues in the country, setting and adapting to trends along the way. In its newest experiment, the multi-cultural venue opens its doors for the genre that has found platforms throughout the globe – EDM.

Home to the Symphony Orchestra of India and host to the several acclaimed Philharmonic Orchestras, the sophisticated venue will organise its first EDM concert called ‘ELECTRIC’ featuring two of the youngest and finest electronic music producers – Dualist Inquiry (a.k.a Sahej Bakshi) and Anish Sood.

Delhi-based producer, guitarist and composer Dualist Inquiry would open the concert on the first day – 28 August. Popular Goan DJ Anish Sood will enthrall the audience on the second and closing day – 29 August.

The two musicians have performed at venues known for its EDM environment and space. ELECTRIC will be hosted at the Experimental Theatre from 7:00 p.m. on both nights. To put things in perspective, an EDM night in NCPA could be compared to an opera night in Kitty Su. And the odd mix further makes ELECTRIC a highly anticipated event.

Talking about the same, Senior Manager – Programmes (Western Music), Farrahnaz Irani says, “In an effort to reach out to a younger and a different set of audience, NCPA is proud to present a new genre of music for the very first time. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as a genre has grown manifold and gathered a huge fan following in India. The popularity enjoyed by artists like Sahej Bakshi and Anish Sood bear great testimony to the love for the genre in India. At NCPA, we have always strived to bring together an eclectic mix of musical experiences to our audience. Therefore we believe that Electric will be very well received.”

The response to the upcoming edition of ELECTRIC would define the venue’s approach towards the genre in future. If the event turns out as success, then EDM will have one more ‘classy’ venue in Mumbai, at the heart of the city.

Tickets for the event cost over Rs. 1000 and available on

Box Office: 26th July for Members & 29th July for Public