| 27 Jan 2022
Tapping into live music with 'Sunset Sunday'

MUMBAI: Venturing beyond its strength revolving around food and beverages, Mumbai-based outlet TAP launched ‘Sunset Sunday’ – an initiative that allows its two venues to break the clutter and focus on elements that gradually became the franchise’s culture.

Sunset Sunday concluded its third week at the resto bar’s Bandra outlet, and debuted in Andheri, on 19 June. The first ‘Sunset Sunday’ at Andheri featured Colors’ The Stage contestant Rupin Pahwa, who laid down an acoustic set accompanied by a tabla player and a cajon instrumentalist. Pahwa achieved nation-wide fame with The Stage success, and the singer performed across eight cities for ‘The Stage’ tour, thus continuing his journey as a live performer. James Blunt’s ‘You are Beautiful’, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, Elvis Presley’s ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ were some of the covers Pahwa performed on the night.

The venue did not go overboard with the sound and ambience, ensuring a sophisticated, breezy atmosphere as the heavy rains dancing on the roof of the venue’s performance section acted as icing on the cake – for the sound and the atmosphere.

‘Sunset Sunday’ found a home at TAP venues as a result of a thought process that would focus on providing unique aspects to the patrons and new customers, further joining the league of resto bars across Mumbai to promote live music. “We realized a lot of people go out on Sunday evenings for quiet dinner and drinks that’s when we thought why not offer them a live musical along with standard DJ nights to wind up their weekend. Such Sunday evenings are seldom seen by lounges and pubs across the city,” informed the Manager at TAP Andheri, Siddharth Behra.

Speaking on the pattern of how Sunset Sunday would work, Behra added, “The pattern is simple and yet very appealing. We have a curated F&B menu during ‘Sunset Sunday’ and a blend of live performances. We have a lineup of young local artists as well as renowned artists performing live at our venues. We are aiming to give our patrons a mixed bag of everything.”

Apart from the acoustic live gigs, TAP will extend the source of entertainment to stand-up comedy, DJ nights and other forms.

TAP does offer the people of Mumbai another option to sit down with closed ones and enjoy some of the best ‘special’ dishes and offers on Sundays, while the music would guarantee an ideal package. With every weekend, TAP will amplify its programming with respect to Sunset Sunday, and the emerging and established musicians can make the most of another platform that considers the music as important as its primary concern – F&B.