| 22 Jul 2024
Goa's Madgaon railway station hosts live music shows

MUMBAI: For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, the Konkan Railway Corporation has started live music performances at the Madgaon station in Goa to entertain passengers and tourists.

Since the past one week, an in-house music troupe, 'Aarohi Group' of the KRC, has started a live musical performance entertaining passengers awaiting the arrival of the Konkan Kanya Express.

"The intial response to this venture has been cool. We now plan to make it a regular feature for the nearly dozen trains which serves around 10,000 passengers including domestic and international tourists at the Madgaon station daily," said an official.

Describing it as a good opportunity for new and upcoming music groups to showcase their talent, the KRC has invited more and varied performers as well as sponsors for such musical events at Madgaon.

The KRC will arrange suitable time slots for the musical groups to target their specific audiences and entertain them while they await their trains.

This is the first time that a railway station in the country is offering live music performances, though piped music is offered in some long-distance trains and recorded music was also occasionally played at some railway stations in the past.