| 13 Jun 2021
Saregama reinterpreting its catalogue with Bollywood and Indie artistes

MUMBAI: Music label Saregama is getting an image makeover and is setting new target group by re-interpretation their old catalogue. Musicians and singers across genre be it Bollywood or Indie artistes will be part of the renewal process of the catalogue.

Speaking with, Saregama India SVP Adarsh Gupta said, "For past six-seven months, we have been working on re-interpretation of our catalogue. It is a trend to revive songs for films and ads, which is why we decided to go with it. Apart from the trend, it is very essential that we make our content more contemporary and relevant to youth. The youth have not heard the music that we have, when it comes repacked, they like the new track and also go back and listen to the old melodious tracks as well."

There are 100 tracks that would be revived this year which includes names like Sonu Nigam, Mikey McCleary, Javed Bashir, band Agnee and so on. Kiwi musician Mikey McCleary's recent re-interpretation was the single 'Aaj ki raat koi aane ko hai'. In the past, he launched 'B Seventy' which was revamped versions of Amitabh Bachchan's top performing hit tracks over the years. Gupta indicated that there will be one more release of the song composed by McCleary in new weeks. After McCleary, there will be a series of tracks by Javed Bashir. Saregama will unveil music videos of the most of the re-interpreted track which would further help the label company to monetise across platforms.

Apart from re-interpreting their catalogue, Gupta said that work is on progress for the website and the application. It had recently partnered with Believe Digital to further strengthen its presence in the international market. Saregama is not seen acquiring the Bollywood content but he assures that talks are on and there will be some news in the area. In Bollywood space. Saregama will face some serious competition from T-series, Sony Music and Zee Music Company, if they decide to go aggressive in the space.

The label has expanded into other branches of entertainment–publishing, television software and digital content. Saregama currently has 11 channels on Youtube catering to various genres of music and for their movies content.