| 19 Jan 2022
Saregama to launch a paid service soon

MUMBAI: More than two years have passed since music label Saregama started building its digital platform. The label company finally stated that it has built itself a stronger platform to make its presence felt in the digital side of music business.

Saregama India SVP Adarsh Gupta said, "We have developed a product which will be launched across every single operator across the country, across device manufacturers, IVR, WAP and applications. The scale of the product is very huge. That was the work that was in progress for the last two years. We have built up our digital space."

Gupta refrained from revealing more about the product. "In a couple of month, we will reveal the product. It will be the biggest product that will be launched in the consumer space," Gupta said.

Gupta added a little more details about the paid service saying, "Ours is a totally different proposition as it will also include a streaming site. Our product will be a game-changing product. We are very close to the launch. This will be the biggest digital product the company will see in terms of scale." The product will apparently use up the entire Saregama catalogue.

Saregama’s recent partnership with Believe Digital was also part of the company’s plan to strengthen its hold internationally. "We are getting service like never before through our international stores. Our business is organically growing, and we are growing according to plan, "Gupta added.The company has set a target to grow in the Middle-East market that has many Bollywood music lovers. "We are currently creating our own WAP product base in the Middle –East market that is the area of focus," Gupta highlighted.

Apart from the service, the label company has been continuously working on reviving its old catalogue as reported by previously. Recent works include ‘Raat Akeli Hai’ by Raghav Sachar and Sophie Choudry and ‘Lag Jaa Gale’ by Sanam Puri.

The label is launching acts in the Indie Pop zone and acquiring music of Tamil films aggressively. Gupta added, "We have been pretty aggressive in the Tamil space. We have been actively acquiring Tamil film music for the past three years. We do at least 25- 30 Tamil films every year." Apart from Tamil, the label is acquiring music rights in the Marathi and Punjabi space.