| 09 Feb 2023
YouTube partners Sony Music to launch MadStuffWithRob

MUMBAI: Rob, India's favourite kids icon, will take kids on a fun-filled and creative journey with the launch of his channel MadStuffWithRob, India's first interactive kids channel on YouTube by Sony Music. The channel, aimed to inspire children to create cool art and craft, will be promoted by YouTube and launched on Childrens' Day.

By subscribing to MadStuffWithRob,  children can get an all-access, anytime portal into Rob's unique, exclusive space for invention and imagination called 'The Robosphere', where Rob makes magical art and craft that gives kids' imaginations wings, and helps them work ideas from their heads to their hands.

In his personal creative world, Rob will invite his fans and celebrities and teach them how to make art from the heart.

Commenting on the same, Rob said, “I'm excited about the launch of my new channel MadStuffWithRob. In the Robosphere, every day is Childrens' Day as kids get to engage with productive creative real-life activities they can do on their own, with their friends, in school or at home. The biggest reward for me is when I see how my ideas have helped inspire kids to generate MORE ideas that they've translated into incredible art works. And this is what I encourage the most on my channel, where I show children simple ideas that translate into cool Art, and invite them to send in their interpretations, which never fail to amaze me and which I can showcase on my channel.”

 Sony Music Kids Head Anjana Devraj said, “With technology at the stretch of their hands, GenNext are optimally utilizing digital platforms for education, entertainment and more. MadStuffWithRob is packed with fun elements, easy art and craft for all inquisitive and creative minds to watch, learn and make along with their favorite Rob.”

Among the host of exciting activities building up to the launch, Rob, as guest mentor, will conduct a workshop for the Doodle 4 Google 2014 finalists in Delhi on November 12, 2014, as a part of the Doodle 4 Google 2014 Winner Announcement event.

 MadStuffWithRob is a safe, inclusive environment that has been designed to capture the attention of kids from where Rob presents:

CoolTools: real art tips, tricks and techniques

DrawsomeAwesome: easy ways to draw complicated looking things

RobCycling: creative, useful recycling and upcycling

PrankTank: funny, safe, hilarious practical jokes

CraftPunk: incredible craft creations

And that's just the tip of this Artrageous iceberg

The channel also has seasonal specials, with cool art and craft ideas for festivals, birthdays and other occasions with the family. So welcome to a whole new world of DIY fun and sparkle. Subscribe now to MadStuffWithRob on YouTube, and learn Art from the Heart.